Quarantines, lockdowns, and curfews are the new order in most world countries. The WHO guidelines restricting normal movements and interactions have made dates and outings, not as fun and enjoyable as they used to be. However, you can still make the most out of your first date during this pandemic. Here are the best first date ideas for lockdown.

An Alfresco, Distanced Dinner Works Miracles

Lockdowns shouldn’t restrict you from holding romantic dinners outdoors, in the garden, beach, or park. An outdoor, socially distanced dinner in a serene environment can make all the difference when meeting with your newly found love. You’ve all the tools and supplies at your disposal to make a date as impressive as possible. However, it’s only advisable you prepare something cool, characterized by light and simple dishes alongside smooth wine for calming the nerves.

Zoom Speed Dating Can Make all the Difference

Zoom speed dating provides a golden opportunity for people to have real-time virtual first dates. Zoom dating allows you to have first dates with several people, enabling you to decide which of the dates an in-person meeting. The Zoom to Groom show held every Saturday on Facebook at 10 pm, broadcasting 90-second dates proves that zoom speed dating truly works.

Distanced Hand-In-Hand Stroll Dates

The hand-in-hand stroll dating still works despite it being old-fashioned. Holding hands with your first date from a distance, while strolling through scenic routes such as a park adds flavor to the whole thing, triggering love emotions. A romantic walk together with your newly found date, while still observing the two-meter rule is quite a great way to make a first date stand out.

You’ll be killing two birds using one stone, thanks to your creativity and ability to keep your date involved and happy, as you two explore nature.

Play the Game of Tennis

It’s strange to introduce your first date in the game of tennis. But how better can you make the first date awesome without breaking the one-meter rule? The distance between both of you in a tennis court is wide enough to keep your immune systems uninterrupted, while still having fun and rocking yourselves to the fullest. The distance may be too long to allow for uninterrupted communication, but you have an opportunity to engage yourselves, have fun, and assess each other to know if you’re fit for each other.

Watch a Movie or Favorite Episode from Different Sofas

The lockdown-friendly feature introduced by Netflix some months ago has made it possible for lovers, family, and friends to watch a movie together in real-time but from different sofas. Logging onto the Netflix party and having all the fun with a first date may not be a replica of in-person dates, but it does provide an excellent experience for you two to have fun. Provided you’ve paid for your Netflix subscription, you can share an awesome virtual party away from each.

These are the best ways to make your first dates stand out during this lockdown period. Watch out for the tips and consider using ones that work for you.