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This ManHunt review covers one of the most popular websites for gay men looking for casual sex with no strings attached. ManHunt has been around for nearly 2 decades and still gets millions of website visitors from all around the world every single day.


These days there are plenty of mobile apps and niche dating sites catering to hookup culture but few of those meet the needs of gay men. It can be tiring to work your way through all the straight people profiles so using a site specifically for gay men can feel refreshing.


There are no pretenses on ManHunt, it is all about finding a quick hookup. So, if you are looking for more than that you have much better chances on the more mainstream LGBTQ-friendly dating sites and apps like OkCupid.


The international presence of ManHunt means that you can find no strings attached sex almost anywhere in the world although there are a few clear hotspots. The biggest concentration of ManHunt members is in the United States, specifically New York, followed by Argentina and Mexico.


Are you in the mood but don’t feel like a long night of hunting at the bar? Read our ManHunt review and decide whether this online hookup site for gay men can offer you what you desire.


Quick Facts


User Base

Gay men looking for hookups

Number of Users

8.5 million monthly worldwide

Gender Ratio

100% men


Free Membership Features:

  • Account Registration
  • Browsing hookup feed
  • Browsing profiles (limited)
  • Messaging (limited number of members)
  • 2 weeks conversation history
  • 1 starred conversation
  • Max 20 buddies
  • Receive video calls


Paid Membership Features:

  • View all photos
  • Use of video chat rooms
  • Unlimited conversation history
  • Unlimited starred conversations
  • Max 1000 buddies
  • Block max 1000 members
  • Advanced search options
  • Username change
  • Start and receive video calls

Special Features:

  • Board lets you post descriptions of the kind of hookup that you want within a specific time range
  • Track List shows up to 50 of the most recent members that have seen your profile
  • TugHub, a porn website exclusive to premium members

What Do You Need to Sign Up?

In the spirit of a quick and no string attached hookup, registering for ManHunt is very easy. All they ask is a username (does not have to be your real name), email address, age and password.

There is no email verification during the registration stage but you cannot use the messaging functions until you do. The website is available in 9 different languages so it is accessible to most people.

Unlike most conventional dating sites, sending messages to members is completely free and unlimited. If you are looking to meet someone in real life you can get by with just a free membership.

On the other hand, a free membership does limit your search options and you won’t be able to see any photos besides their profile photo. You also cannot initiate a video call, a paying member must call you instead.

We appreciate how transparent ManHunt is with their billing options. Many conventional dating sites do not explicitly mention that paid membership is automatically renewed at the end of the billing period but ManHunt is completely clear on this.

In fact, they let their members choose whether they want an automatic membership renewal or not. There are several membership options available ranging from as short as 7 days to as long as 1 year with the automatic renewal options being up to 20% more affordable.

They accept payments through credit card or cheque. Don’t worry, their billing information is completely discreet and will show up on your records as Online Buddies Inc.

Recently ManHunt also released a mobile app version of their website. However, users claim that it is less user-friendly with most members still preferring the website.

Creating Your Personal Profile

You profile can be as private or as public as you like on ManHunt. As is usual for most dating apps and websites, the more information and pictures, the more interaction you get.

During the registration stage you only need to profile photo but you can add up to 16 extra photos. These photos can be explicit which is sure to spice things up.

The good news is that you get to choose who is allowed to see each specific photo so you have full control over who sees what. Only paying members get to see all photos and even then you need to approve them before they can see your additional photos.

As for the profile details, filling this out is quite straightforward. All the information is optional but you can get as detailed as penis size, HIV status and other physical features of yourself and the kind of guy you want to hook up with.

So far it should have become clear from this ManHunt review that this is a sex-oriented dating site. Every detail that you display on your profile is for showing your sexual desires and fetishes, cutting straight to the point.

Making Connections

As we mentioned earlier in this ManHunt review, sending messages is completely free and unlimited. This is another way that the site supports easy access to casual sex.

Besides sending messages you can also start flirting by sending a virtual wink. This might be a more low pressure way to show interest in someone.

Since messaging is free it is quite simple to set up a date with someone however there are also options for keeping things virtual. ManHunt has a built-in video call feature but there are some limitations to this.

Free members cannot start a video call, only paying members can. Free members can receive video calls though so if you are chatting with a guy that is a paying member you can simply ask them to make the call.

There are basic and more advanced search options with the advanced search options only available to paid memberships. However, they ManHunt algorithm also sends you potential matches based on your stated preference and location.

It is also worth mentioning that you can block members if they are showing unwanted behaviour. Since there is no account verification process it is very easy for someone to create a fake account.

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The Pros

  • Very quick registration process
  • Lots of options for keeping your identity private
  • Millions of users worldwide
  • Control over which members get to see which pictures
  • Transparency on membership renewal
  • Discreet billing information
  • No paid membership required for sending messages
  • Video call features are great for virtual sex
  • Available in 9 different languages
  • Very explicity, no pretenses

The Cons

  • No account verification opens things up for fake accounts
  • Limited personalization on profiles
  • Limited search options with a free account
  • Mobile app and website have very different layouts
  • Lots of advertisements

Final Verdict

This ManHunt review leaves no doubt about it, this is a website for gay men looking for casual hookups. No strings attached is evident in every aspect ManHunt from the privacy features to the explicit content.

The web design itself could be cleaner – it is full of advertisements which does not add to the sexy experience. On the other hand, it is very graphic which quickly heats things up if you are already in the mood.

If you are looking for easy access to quick hookups, ManHunt is one of the best places to look. You don’t even need to be a paying member to send unlimited messages which makes this one of the most accessible gay hookup sites.

ManHunt keeps things simple and direct so you won’t find much content besides gay men displaying their sexual prowess. However, they have started which offers useful information on dating as a gay man and how to practice safe sex.



Who Is ManHunt For?

ManHunt is for gay men looking for a casual hookup. This is not a website where people go looking for serious relationships.

Is ManHunt Any Good?

If your goal is a no strings attached hookup then ManHunt works very well. The members are explicit in what they want and what they have to offer sexually. There are millions of members so plenty of men to choose from.

Is ManHunt Safe?

There is no profile verification process on ManHunt which does make it easy for people to create fake accounts. However, it is possible to block and report profiles that show unwanted behaviour.

Always keep a clear head when using an online dating service. Watch out for red flags.

Is ManHunt Free?

Registration, creating a profile and sending messages on ManHunt is free. You need a paid membership for extra perks such as initiating video calls, saving conversations for longer and advanced search options.

Are There Discreet Payment Options for ManHunt?

ManHunt accepts both credit card and cheque payments. The transaction will be shown as Online Buddies Inc.

Can I Change the Language On My Account?

Yes, ManHunt is available in 9 different languages. You can change the language from your account settings.

How Did ManHunt Start?

ManHunt was started by two men in in 2001. The company began as a telephone dating service but quickly transformed into a website and mobile app.

Can I Post Explicit Photos?

Yes, every member can upload as much as 16 photos. You can choose whether you want to set these photos as public or private and choose which members get to see these photos. Photos are allowed to be explicit as long as they follow federal law.

Can I Be Explicit in Videos?

Yes, explicit videos and video calling are allow as long as they follow federal law.

Can You Block People on ManHunt?

Yes, there is a block function available to all members. Simply click on the profile and you will see a block button on their profile. There is also a report button. A paid membership allows for up to 1000 blocks.




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